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Allen & Page

Allen & Page is a family run company based in Norfolk. Working alongside the soil association they have created what can only be described as premium quality poultry feed to suit the development and growth of healthy growing birds.

Their focus is to make sure your poultry gets all the right nutrients in their daily feed. With a wide range of feed available for chickens, ducks, geese, chicks, and turkeys.

Each bag is packed with the perfect natural ingredients to suit your animal's needs, avoiding any artificial growth promoters or yolk pigmenters. Allen & Page also avoid using any GMO ingredients in their product, ensuring all their products are free from chemicals from the start of production throughout.

With an excellent range to choose from we stock layers pellets, grower/finisher pellets, breeder pellets, mixed corn, chick crumbs, starter crumbs, free-range layers crumble and a selection of organic feeds. Available in two different sizes, 5 kg and 20 kg these feeds will keep your birds active and energised throughout the seasons.