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Goose, Duck and Quail Feed

If you are looking for Duck Feed, Goose Feed or the increasingly popular Quail Feed then you need look no further because here at Farm & Pet Place we have all your poultry needs covered.

With a range of poultry feed from popular poultry brands such as Marriages, Allen & Page, Fancy Feeds and our own brand Dr Green, we stock only the best brands and pride ourselves on high quality feeds, wanting only the finest for our customers.

With a wide selection of poultry feeds from starter crumbs that will give your ducklings, and goslings the best start in life, they are packed with all the right nutrients for growing poultry. Finisher Pellets, Grower Pellets, Breeder Pellets, Quail Pellets, and Waterfowl Pellets are some of the other poultry feeds that will keep your poultry satisfied.

For the in-between meals we also stock treats such as Quackers Duck Food and Wild Things Swan and Duck Food to keep them entertained whilst foraging or just having a midday snack. This type of feed is a great alternative to carbohydrate rich foods such as bread which can pose a danger to the health of wild poultry and not only that this type of feed is also better for the environment as bread can sometimes sink to the bottom of lakes rotting.

All our feeds are packed full of nutrients to keep your Ducks, Geese, and Quail happy and healthy throughout all the seasons and are available in a variety of different sizes.