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Farm & Pet Place have a large selection of hay bedding to create a place of comfort for your poultry. There are some great advantages to using hay as bedding. Chickens can often be seen pecking away at their hay bedding because it is high in both protein and calcium which is great for keeping your poultry happy and healthy. Hay is a brilliant source of fibre which is essential for a well balanced diet.

Hay can also be used as a great distraction for your chickens, they like to use the bedding to scratch on which is brilliant for reducing stress and anxiety in hens.

We stock brands such as Vale Bale the suppliers of the very popular Vale Bale Meadow Hay, a completely natural forage, this has very quickly become one of our best sellers within the smallholding community.

To avoid any respiratory issues or skin and eye irritations, the hay we stock has had the dust extracted to look after your animals health.