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Coops, Runs & Sheds

Farm & Pet Place have a large selection of high-quality chicken housing including coops, runs, chicken sheds and nesting boxes to keep your chickens healthy, comfortable and safe from any predators such as foxes, poor weather and wild birds. Our chicken housing is supplied by a range of expert suppliers such as Guan, Harrisons Sanford Square, and Nestera.

With a focus on sustainability, we stock the Nester Chicken Coop range which has been developed locally in the UK. The Nestera Chicken Coop comes with a 25-year warranty. Designed using recycled plastic means there is nowhere for red mites to hide or breed which will keep your chickens protected from these pests as well as making this chicken house easy to maintain and keep clean.

With a selection of different styles and sizes to suit all your chicken's needs, from the traditional wooden hutch to two-story hutches with a mesh secured outdoor area as well as the modern style Nestera chicken coop.

The majority of housing we supply for chickens is flat-packed to reduce the environmental impact during transportation. Including easy assemble instructions as well as further support via YouTube videos for some of our chicken housing.

Not only do we stock chicken housing, at Farm & Pet Place we also supply chicken runs which are great for encouraging safe outdoor exercise and play, keeping your hens happy and guarded against any dangers.