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Fancy Feeds

Fancy Feeds is a high quality collection of feed for your poultry. A family run business devoted to making sure their consumers have the perfect feed for their poultry's needs.

With locally sourced ingredients to ensure their feeds are packed with goodness. Fancy Feeds have a team of experts who take great care and consideration when creating the perfect mix making sure your poultry gets the best quality feed on the market.

Full of nutrition and an excellent source of protein, bio-mos, sel-plex, omega 3, vitamins and minerals which when fed accordingly will maintain a well balanced diet to ensure the growth of healthy birds.

These feeds will keep them in perfect health supporting the body’s immune system, great for fertility, plumage and healthy skin along with supplying them with loads of energy to get them through all the seasons.

With a wide range of varying feeds to suit the needs of your chickens, ducks, geese, bantams, chicks and waterfowl. When fed accordingly creating a well balanced diet, these feeds should ensure the growth of healthy birds throughout the different stages of their lives.

We currently stock the Fancy Feeds grower pellets, layers pellets, mixed corn, layers mash, breeder and show pellets and fenland waterfowl pellets. These are available in a variety of different sizes.