Honeyfields Robin Food

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Share the delicious mix of Honeyfields Robin Food with the little Robin Redbreast; he's handsome and sings a beautiful song and, if you're lucky, he might even join you in the garden and sit on your spade. The Robin Food will also appeal to a large variety of birds especially other song birds such as blackbirds and thrushes. It is a good value, high energy bird food. The food can be placed on a bird table or a ground feeder. Please ensure that there is plenty of cover for birds in case of predators so that the birds can hide while the danger passes.

This high energy food contains kibbled sunflower hearts that are a great source of energy, protein, minerals, vitamins and essential oils. Sunflower hearts help to keep birds' feathers and skin healthy and in tip top condition. Some small birds waste a lot of time and have difficulty in opening the husk surrounding sunflower hearts, therefore this kibbled variety eliminates the hard work giving birds more time to eat and build up their fat reserves.

Suet pellets are also included in this mix and are made from a superior fat from rendered animal fat which is a concentrated form of energy. Fat is extremely important for birds because they have a fast metabolism and use up a lot of energy especially during the winter months. Mealworms are a particular favourite amongst robins and are included in this delicious mix.

It is essential that birds are fed all year round, not just in the winter as they need energy to get them through the different seasons for reasons such as nesting time in the spring when they also have chicks to feed.

This bird food has the Conservation Grade logo on the pack which guarantees that there are ingredients inside which have been grown on a farm that has been proven to have reversed the decline in some of our most endangered species.

Pinhead Oats, Naked Oats, Red Millet, Kibbled Sunflower Hearts, Cut Maize, Wheat, Suet Pellets and Mealworms.

Please ensure there is fresh drinking water available at all times.

Available Sizes:
1.6kg and 12.6kg