Peanuts 25Kg

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A 25kg sack of Peanuts for garden birds. That's all there is in this bag, just simple, high quality peanuts for birds.

Peanuts are an ideal wild bird food source and will appeal to a wide range of wild birds throughout the year due to their high content of natural oils, protein, essential vitamins and minerals.

For garden and wild birds, peanuts should ideally be fed from a peanut feeder (with a mesh), but they can be fed from bird tables and the ground. However, during the breeding season peanuts should only be fed from a peanut feeder to reduce the risk of a choking hazard for hatchlings and young birds.

Although not a naturally occurring foodstuff for our native birds most species will readily accept them when offered and they are ideal to help wild birds through harsh or demanding times.

Peanuts are popular with tits, greenfinches, house sparrows, nuthatches, great spotted woodpeckers and siskins. If you crush the peanuts up, it will also attract robins and dunnocks too as well as being safe to use in the breeding season.

Bird Peanuts 25kg


Oh and squirrels *love* peanuts too... which may, or may not be a good thing. There are many ways to squirrel-proof your bird feeder though making it more difficult for them to raid the entire feeder. But we like to give the squirrels their own squirrel feeder with their peanuts - keeping all the garden wildlife happy.

Bird peanuts 25kg need to be kept in a cool dry place, and if you've got a fancy storage bin, this bag will need approximately 60 litres.


Nil Detectable Signs of Aflatoxin