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Flubendazole 1% (60g)

Flubendazole is a product for small holders of chickens, geese and turkeys. The medicated Premixture is effective against larve, eggs and fully grown:

Gapeworm | Large roundworm | Caecal worm | Hairworm | Gizzard worm

Feeding Guidence

Medicated Feed should be fed daily for 7 consecutive days to ensure that all stages of the worms are eradicated. Birds on the ground with known worm infestations are susceptible to re-infestation and may require another 7-day course after three weeks of the initial treatment. 

How to use Flubendazole wormer

1. Weigh the feed

Work out the total amount required for a 7 day period and put in a separate bucket or container. Exact feed amounts depend on the breed of bird.

2. Weigh the Flubendazole

Chickens & Geese:  6g (1 scoop) per 2kg 

Turkeys : 6g (1 scoop) per 3kg 

3. Mix Flubendazole thoroughly into feed

Simply mix well to incorporate into the entire pre-portioned amount of feed.


Legal Category: POM-VPS.

Flubendazole should be fed for 7 consecutive days.
Incorporate the required amount of the product into the daily feed ration to ensure that flubenzadole is included at the above rates.

We respect that in most cases your poultry are pets however If they are intended for slaughter, they are deemed not suitable for human consumtion they must not be despatched whilst on this medication and must wait 7 days from then end of treatment to be deemed safe.

There is no withdrawl time on eggs, they will be safe to collect and consume.

SQP Notice

This product is a medicine that needs to be legally prescribed by an authorised specialist before Shipping.

Upon receiving your order, a suitably qualified person (SQP) will contact you as soon as they can to asses your requirements just as a vet would.

Please ensure that you enter your telephone/email details at checkout.

If we have no response in 7 days we will cancel and fully refund your order. We aren't responsable or late shipping due to absent SQP answers