Marriages Everyday Layers Pellets 20kg

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Marriages Everyday Layers Pellets is a complete feed for all types of traditional, commercial, or ex-battery laying hens or other poultry.

Why should you feed your chickens Marriages Everyday Layers Pellets?

Look after your poultry and give them a balanced, complete, nutritious diet. These layers pellets ensure a good yolk colour and strong shell. The pellets are also packed with supplementary vitamins and minerals for health and vitality.

The feed is full of essential ingredients to keep your girls in tip top condition such as:

Wheat, which is a good source of energy, is ideal for feeding in the colder months to keep your girls nice and cosy. Wheat is also high in protein and the amino acids lysine and tryptophan.

Soya Oil has been used to coat the mix for additional fatty acids for egg production and plumage. It also makes the feed more palatable.

Sunflower Seed meal is a great source of energy, protein, minerals, vitamins and essential oils. Sunflower seed meal will also help to keep birds' feathers and skin healthy and in tip top condition.

Poultry do not have any teeth and need the correct grit to break down the fibre in their food. Therefore, it is essential that some form of insoluble grit is provided as the better the food is chewed and absorbed the better quality of chicken you will end up with.

Marriages Everyday Layers Pellets can be fed in any type of feeder. It is essential that the feeder is cleaned regularly using an appropriate disinfectant. It is also a good idea to move the feeder regularly.

Are Everyday Layers Pellets suitable for all poultry?

Marriages Everyday Layers Pellets are suitable for all types of traditional, commercial, or ex-battery laying hens or other poultry.

Where should Layers Pellets be stored?

This feed should be kept in a cool and dry area away from pests. A storage bin would be perfect and would allow you to take out easy scoops to scatter around for the birds.

What is the composition of Marriages Everyday Layers Pellets?

Wheat, Wheatfeed, Sunflower Seed Meal, Barley, Peas, Calcium Carbonate, Soya (bean) meal (produced from genetically modified material), Rapeseed meal, Beans, Vegetable oil and fat, Salt, Vitamin and mineral premix, Methionine, Sodium bicarbonate.

Analytical Constituents of Marriages Everyday Layers Pellets:

Oil: 3.50%
Protein: 16.00%
Fibre: 7.00%
Ash: 12.40%
Lysine: 0.65%
Methionine: 0.32%
Calcium: 4.0%
Sodium: 0.15%
Phophorus: 0.53%

Size: 20kg