Naturals Woven Stack N' Hide Den

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Fun, Feast and Hidey Holes galore. This is the Naturals Woven Stack N' Hide in a nutshell. This magnificent den is made from natural bulrush which is 100% glue, wire and staple free and totally edible with a superb crunchy texture.

The tantalising aroma of bulrush will entice your furry friend to explore and indulge his inquisitive nature. Frolicking fun will be had by your furry friend darting in and out of the wonderful playground of entertaining hidey holes. Great fun - fulfilling his need through stimulating activity to control boredom and stress levels.

The crunchiness of the twisted bulrush strands will promote good digestive health and will help to wear down the growing teeth of rodents.

Freddie Ferret will be hard to catch as he indulges his favourite pastime of playful entertainment. He will enthusiastically nudge and roll the tunnel, jumping atop to have a rollercoaster of a ride, encouraging him to exercise whilst having super fun and keeping healthy at the same time. Place two or more of the Stack 'N' Hide Dens together, secured with natural string, to make an exciting climbing frame.

Not only is this an amazing playground, but also a blissful place to sleep. Pop some cosy, soft bedding inside for your furry friend to snuggle up in after his energetic workout around the den.

Small animals such as guinea pigs, ferrets, chinchillas, rats and degus will especially enjoy the Naturals Woven Play Tunnel.

Size: 32 x 14cm

Material: Bulrush