Jumbo Play Veg Carrot and Corn

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Fun, Feast and Frolicking Fun will be had by rabbits, guinea pigs and other small animals
with the Jumbo Play Veg Carrot and Corn. They are made from natural corn leaf and rattan
that have pet safe materials, dyes and glues. These brightly coloured, authentic looking
veggies will delight the senses of small furries. The tufty green head of the carrot will tickle
noses and the woven rattan will entice your pet to rasp his claws, keeping them short and

The crunchy texture of the carrot and corn will encourage your furry friend to indulge his
inquisitive nature and will promote good digestive health and help to wear down the growing
teeth of rabbits and rodents. Pop these veggies inside your pet’s cage or run and watch your
little friend hurl the veg around his cage and stealthily pounce on them to go for the kill.

Nibbly bliss for small furries.

Dyes may run so keep away from soft furnishings.

Size: Carrot - 23cm, Corn - 21cm

Material: Natural corn leaf and rattan