Homefire Torrefied Heat Logs 5PK

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Excite your senses with the smell, sight and sound of a real log fire made with Homefire Torrefied Heat Logs. There is just nothing like a real roaring fire to snuggle up to on a cold, miserable day. The logs are easier to light because they have been put through a process that takes out a lot of the moisture from the log to produce a dry, brittle and water resistant log. They also produce 25% more heat and don't spit as much making them safer. They are ideal for chimineas, to keep you warm outside if you're having some friends around for a few drinks.

If it's impressive performance, good heat and versatility you need, look no further than the Torrefied Heat Logs.

The logs are suitable for:

Open fires
Multi-fuel stoves
Closed appliances
Wood Burners

Lighting Instructions:

Place 1 or 2 firelighters on the fire bed and cover with wood kindling.
Place a layer of Homefire Torrefied Heat Logs on top.
Light the firelighters and adjust the appliance for maximum draught.
When the fire is established, add more Homefire Torrefied Heat Logs as required and adjust the draught regulator to achieve the required burning rate.

What is Torrefaction?:

Torrefaction is a clean, well established industrial process which involves the thermal treatment in the absence of oxygen of biomass at temperatures typically between 200 and 300 degrees C. The torrefaction process drives off moisture and volatiles from the wood to produce a dry, torrefied product which is stable, brittle and water resistant. The torrefied product is then compressed and extruded into a clean, high quality biofuel log which has much greater energy density and calorific value than the original biomass material. Torrefied products also have water repellent properties.

Store bags and any loose fuel in a dry place.

Please ensure your appliance has adequate ventilation.
A fireguard should always be used with an open fire.

Size of Log: approx 32cm x 7cm

Weight: 5kg