Anthracite Large Nuts 25kg

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If you live in a smoke controlled area, Anthracite Large Nuts are the ideal fuel to use. These larger nuts can be used in multi-fuel stoves, cookers, room heaters and boilers (Not gravity fed). They radiate wonderful heat with a low flame. Anthracite is a clean burning fuel that produces practically no smoke and has no soot residue, making it clean and efficient to use.

This high quality coal is known as 'Clean Coal' because it has few impurities. Popping out for the day and want a nice cosy room to come back to? Stock up your fire with Anthracite Large Nuts for long lasting, slow burning efficient heat that will produce little ash, a bonus when it comes to cleaning it out.

- Amazing heat
- Practically no smoke
- No soot residue
- Clean and efficient Suitable for smoke controlled areas

Suitable for:
- Multi-fuel stoves
- Cookers
- Room heaters
- Boilers (not gravity fed)
- Smoke controlled areas

Lighting Instructions:
Light your fire as normal using firelighters and smaller pieces of Anthracite Nuts to get the fire going quickly. Once the fire is established, adjust the draught regulator to a low setting for maximum efficiency. Keep a deep firebed of Anthracite at all times. This ensures maximum efficiency from your heating system.