Short Earth Rod 30cm

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An essential component of an electric fence setup is an earth rod. The purpose of an earth rod is to be a conductor of electricity, i.e. when the current of electricity flows from an energiser and touches your horse/cow and gives it a shock, the shock path needs to continue into the ground via the earth rod back to the energiser to complete the circuit.

This Earth Rod is 300mm and is a coated and hardened steel earth rod with a unique clamp design for easier installation and removal.

It is important that the correct size earth stake is used and under the correct conditions. It is preferable to place an earth rod in damp ground as the current is able to flow more easily. If there is insufficient current your horse/cow will only receive a mild shock or no shock at all, making the electric fence ineffective.

Earth Rods should be placed in the earth at least 15m away from domestic earth installations. Multiple Earth Rods should be placed at least 3m apart and connected with insulated under-gate/leadout cable.

The Earth Rod should have a reading of less than 300V for it to be effective and should be tested daily with a Voltmeter.

Available Sizes: 300mm and 1000mm

Material: Coated and hardened steel