Weatherbeeta Comfitec Thinsulate Combo Heavy Grey

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The Weatherbeeta Comfitec Premier Thinsulate Combo Neck Heavy Weight Rug offers the ultimate protection and warmth for your horse when he is turned out into the field. It is a smart, on trend rug and is available online in a handsome grey/blue with seams edged with a double row of white stitching - a truly gorgeous combination. This classy rug is of an exceptional quality and is a must-have for your horse's winter wardrobe.

This Thinsulate rug is breathable and has many exciting features. It has a 1200 denier ripstop outer with repel shell coating that is both waterproof and breathable and is filled with 350g of polyfill offering warmth and comfort in the very cold months. The 210D Oxford Polyester lining has the advantage of giving the horse's coat a polished sheen and will also glide over your horse's back for ease of fitting and will help prevent rubbing.

The rug also features a combo neck with touch tape fastenings.

There are two Ezi-clip fastenings at the chest which are adjustable for comfort and security. The rug has a memory foam relief wither pad that contours to the horse’s shape and lifts the rug off the horse's withers to ensure there is no rubbing. At either side of the shoulder is a Freedom System Shoulder Gusset which is a shaped, cupped shoulder dart for ease of movement.

The twin low cross surcingle straps at the belly are made of sturdy nylon webbing with T-bar fastenings which are also adjustable. There are elasticated, adjustable and removable nylon webbed leg straps for a secure and comfortable fit. This rug has a full tail flap with a unique two piece design to wrap around your horse's quarters to keep him warm and dry. There are reflective strips on each side of the tail flap for high visibility.

The Thinsulate filling technology provides warmth without the weight of a heavy rug. The Thermi-heat lining maintains warmth and allows excess moisture to escape to keep your horse warm and dry. This is a great quality, luxurious stable rug that will keep your horse snug through the colder months. This rug is ideal for people who are looking for an exceptional quality rug with amazing features at an affordable price.

This rug is ideal for the escape artists that can wriggle free of a rug because this rug is fitted with strong and secure fastenings that even Houdini can’t escape from. It is also ideal for the horse that thinks it’s fun to be a rug wrecker.

The Weatherbeeta logo is emblazoned on the side of the rug.

This rug is covered by the 3 Year Weatherbeeta Warranty for Waterproofness, Breathability and Fixtures and Fittings.

- Thinsulate Filling Technology
- Thermi-heat lining
- 1200 denier ripstop outer
- Breathable and waterproof
- Weatherbeeta Logo


Rugs are mainly used to protect horses from changeable weather conditions and climates. Providing your horse with the best fit, comfort and protection is vital for your peace of mind. The correct rug choice will help to regulate your horse's body temperature and maintain a healthy condition.

It is important that the rug fits correctly as a poorly fitted rug can cause rubbing and discomfort. A well fitted rug will keep your horse warm, comfortable and protected.

Rug Fitting Guide:

Please make sure you choose the correct size rug for your horse. Rugs are usually measured in three inch increments. Measure your horse from the centre of the chest around the body to the rear of the quarters. If your horse is between sizes, choose the bigger size.

1. Lay the rug over your horse’s back. If your horse has never worn a rug before, you may need assistance to help hold your horse while you buckle the chest straps.
2. Once you are certain that the rug fits well around the neck, slide the rug into position along your horse's back so that the rug lies flat. If the seam between the tail flap and the rug sits below the top of the tail, the rug may be too big.
3. Take the left leg strap, pass between the hind legs and fasten it on the left hand side.
3a. Take the right leg strap, pass it between the hind legs and through the loop made by the left strap and fasten to the right hand side.
3b. The leg straps are linked to prevent rubbing and act with each other to pull the rug into place. If you fit the rug well it will displace very little through movement and rolling. If the leg straps are too loose, the rug will slip.
3c. Adjust the leg straps equally until there is room for the width of one hand (4-5'') between the leg straps and the horse's thigh. This is to allow freedom of movement.
4. When fitting a rug with cross surcingles, care should be taken to ensure that the straps of the surcingle cross in the centre of the horse's belly - well forward of the horse's stifle. Again, there should be a hand's breadth between the straps and the horse's body.

Washing Instructions:
Remove excess dirt with sponge or cloth. Place the rug in a mesh wash bag to contain all straps and buckles. If machine washing, remove all detergent build-up from detergent dispenser. Max temp should be 30C/85F on a gentle cycle using mild soap or a reputable or recommended rug wash such as Nikwax Rugwash in a front loading washer only. Line Dry. Do not tumble dry or dry clean. Do Not use bleach.


5.’6 - 7’3

Lining: Polyester, Outer: 1200 Denier Ripstop/Repel Shell